I wish we have our exams BEFORE the New Year, not AFTER. >_<

We have a hard time now because of all those end-of-term tests, seminar classes and so on. And to crown this all, we're making a New Year play for the children in an orphanage. I mean yes, I care for the orphans and I would be happy to make something for them... if only we could have fewer classes!


I have to post in in Russian. ;D

- Меня никто не любит...
- Я тебя люблю!
- Помолчи и выслушай!


Some facts about me and my family =)

I don't think I can write 100 facts about me, like you guys did, but I'll try to write at least something. =))

21 facts

Enough for today =))


Would you please show me your handwriting? =))
mine. careful, awful photo!


Just nagging...

Don't even know what I want to say, something like: I feel soooooo lonely, I want to talk. And it's really so. But as far as I know, no one comes to talk when someone writes a post like this. =))
So I'll just moan a little bit here, and maybe it'll make me happier. What I want now is someone to hug me and to say that everything will be allright and all this stuff. >_<
Usually it's ok for me to be alone, but sometimes I need someone to be near me. A close friend, not a lover. I'm not ready for relationship and don't know when I'm gonna be ready. :D I just want a friend...


A question =)

What does appearance mean to you? How much does it matter?


Wow, they really gave me a chocolate! But no pen and no notebook. =(
... ok, I'll live anyway. =))


Yesterday I was studying all day, because today we were about to have our first end-of-term test and what do you think, our teacher just signed my record-book without asking me anything. It is actually good, but I wanted to answer! I wanted to speak! :D

Also today I went to the giant trade centre with my mates. It was a biiiig mistake. I will never do it again.
When I'm alone, my shopping looks like a military mission. I get in, grab what I need and get out quickly leaving dead bodies behind. As for them, they were walking around, picking up and buying useless stuff, coming into every shop. >_< And when I was about to leave, they trapped me in the fitting room with some clothes and made me try them on. Well, it wasn't actually so bad, because one of them has a good taste for clothes, but it was still violence, in spite of the fact I like it in the end. :yes:


The day was pretty good, so now I'm ready to talk about myself. =)) Dash it all, where else I could do this? :D
So. I'm a x-men fan - shame on me. I supposed to like more intellectual stuff, not some super-hero-shit.
Well, I'm not a REAL fan, who has all comics, statues of the heroes and everything, I just like some characters very much. I'm afraid I can even start to write a fanfic one day, but I hope that'll never happen. The internet is already full of crappy writers. :D
Though I've never read comics, I watched all x-men movies and animated series.
A character I like most is The Toad. You can see an x-men-evolution-version of him on my userpics. =) He is a disgusting creature with an extremely long tongue and leaping ability. In evolution series he was a comic relief which means that everybody abuses him and treats him in a disgusting manner, and you know, I just feel sorry for the guy! I can't laugh when somebody who is not pretty or strong enough is getting kicked by everyone, maybe because it's too close to my own painful experience. :D
Also I like Storm. First time I saw her I was all like: WOW, she is so freaking beautiful!!! Wheeee! :crazb:
She is beautiful even when she is not Halle Berry. :D
And I don't like Wolverine, who is very popular among x-fans. What, a brutal male? Not interested. :D


I had such a bad day and now I want to yell at everyone, but there's no one I can yell at. So saaaad.

And I don't know what else to say, except this.


Good site for English-learners, they have lot of videos, audios, texts in English. It's also possible to make your own vocabulary here and to train words.
It's a bit like a network marketing, because they will ask you to invite your friend in order to reach next level, but it'll happen only once. And I invited myself, from my other e-mail. =))


On the one hand, nothing interesting happens. On the other hand, something nevertheless happens. =))
I got a letter from... well, I dont know, from the government, maybe. They kindly invited me to the election, because now I'm old enough to vote, and voting is a great honour, bla bla bla. Well, I dont give a damn to voting. Screw all crooked politicians. BUT! They also promised me a pen, a notebook (not laptop, just, you know, notebook from sheets of paper...) AND a chocolate for free! Of course I'll go.
... uh, they are freaking manipulators.


Soooooo. I've started a blog here, because I need to improve my crappy written English. I'm going to write down my impressions, thoughts and so on. Not that I have much, though.
What else I got to say... I dont think that anyone will follow this blog, because my English is crappy, like I said, and I'm a sad ass anyway. Yeah, right.
But if anyone come in by chance, you're welcome and everything.

Toad In The Hole