Todd Tolenski
I had such a bad day and now I want to yell at everyone, but there's no one I can yell at. So saaaad.

And I don't know what else to say, except this.


Good site for English-learners, they have lot of videos, audios, texts in English. It's also possible to make your own vocabulary here and to train words.
It's a bit like a network marketing, because they will ask you to invite your friend in order to reach next level, but it'll happen only once. And I invited myself, from my other e-mail. =))

2011-11-28 в 21:47 

Illusive walker
Yep, bad day, I had one too :|
Inviting yourself will save the world! :D

2011-11-29 в 11:05 

Todd Tolenski
illusir, I've never thought about it! :D

2011-12-04 в 01:16 

Why did you have such a bad day? What's the reason?

2011-12-04 в 15:59 

Todd Tolenski
xxohxx, that's because I don't get on very well with some students of my group. Usually we just don't communicate, and it's ok, but sometimes quarrels happen and I feel miserable and very angry. >_<

2011-12-04 в 16:08 

I think you mustn't take it to heart...

2011-12-04 в 16:10 

Todd Tolenski
xxohxx, I know, I know. >_< But I just can't help it.


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