Todd Tolenski
The day was pretty good, so now I'm ready to talk about myself. =)) Dash it all, where else I could do this? :D
So. I'm a x-men fan - shame on me. I supposed to like more intellectual stuff, not some super-hero-shit.
Well, I'm not a REAL fan, who has all comics, statues of the heroes and everything, I just like some characters very much. I'm afraid I can even start to write a fanfic one day, but I hope that'll never happen. The internet is already full of crappy writers. :D
Though I've never read comics, I watched all x-men movies and animated series.
A character I like most is The Toad. You can see an x-men-evolution-version of him on my userpics. =) He is a disgusting creature with an extremely long tongue and leaping ability. In evolution series he was a comic relief which means that everybody abuses him and treats him in a disgusting manner, and you know, I just feel sorry for the guy! I can't laugh when somebody who is not pretty or strong enough is getting kicked by everyone, maybe because it's too close to my own painful experience. :D
Also I like Storm. First time I saw her I was all like: WOW, she is so freaking beautiful!!! Wheeee! :crazb:
She is beautiful even when she is not Halle Berry. :D
And I don't like Wolverine, who is very popular among x-fans. What, a brutal male? Not interested. :D

2011-11-30 в 09:07 

O, I love Storm too=)
I have a doll (only the head, not a static figure), it is very similar to the Storm. I made ​​her new withe hair.

2011-12-01 в 13:36 

Junglefish [DELETED user]
Todd Tolenski, oh, I also like x-man but cannot say that Im a real fan. I like the old one version of a cartoon. The old style was extrimely amazing. Is it really possible to find comics? I mean not digital but the "live" one.

2011-12-01 в 23:14 

Todd Tolenski
Shilara, wow, do you make dolls yourself?

Amenofu, well, I'm not a real fan too - they wear latex clothes! I couldn't be a real fan of the guys who wear latex clothes. It's just stupid. :D
Yeah, I like "x-men 1992" too. =) Rogue is my fav. in this version.
Maybe it's possible in Moscow or St.Petersburg, but definitely not where I live. =)

2011-12-01 в 23:41 

Junglefish [DELETED user]
Todd Tolenski, latex!! ^__~ sometimes it looks sexy& On japanese fuck yeah

2011-12-01 в 23:52 

Todd Tolenski
Amenofu, but not if person, even if it's japanese, wears it all day!

2011-12-02 в 01:24 

Junglefish [DELETED user]
Todd Tolenski, why not?

2011-12-03 в 19:37 

Todd Tolenski
Amenofu, I think person in latex becomes sweaty and itchy. =))

2011-12-04 в 13:14 

Junglefish [DELETED user]
Todd Tolenski, actually not. If the latex is high quality.

2011-12-04 в 15:46 

Todd Tolenski
Amenofu, ok, maybe. =)) Do you have the experience of wearing latex?

2011-12-04 в 18:07 

Junglefish [DELETED user]
Todd Tolenski, several times ago I used to wear it for the gigs.)


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