Todd Tolenski
Yesterday I was studying all day, because today we were about to have our first end-of-term test and what do you think, our teacher just signed my record-book without asking me anything. It is actually good, but I wanted to answer! I wanted to speak! :D

Also today I went to the giant trade centre with my mates. It was a biiiig mistake. I will never do it again.
When I'm alone, my shopping looks like a military mission. I get in, grab what I need and get out quickly leaving dead bodies behind. As for them, they were walking around, picking up and buying useless stuff, coming into every shop. >_< And when I was about to leave, they trapped me in the fitting room with some clothes and made me try them on. Well, it wasn't actually so bad, because one of them has a good taste for clothes, but it was still violence, in spite of the fact I like it in the end. :yes:

2011-12-01 в 23:25 

Illusive walker
Oh, shopping... I don't like it. "Grab quickly, disappear immediately" is my motto. Well... honestly I like it if I'm in a computer supermarket :D

2011-12-01 в 23:53 

Todd Tolenski
illusir, as for me, I prefer book shops or at least tea&coffee shops. =)

2011-12-04 в 01:22 

I do too) I like book stores SO MUCH!)

2011-12-04 в 16:01 

Todd Tolenski
xxohxx, :friend:
But the prices for books I want are usually awful. >_<

2011-12-04 в 16:09 

But only sometimes... ;)


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